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ISONG is pleased to announce that the Journal of Biological Research for Nursing (BRN) has published its special March 2018 issue focused on Genetics and Genomics.  Thank you to Drs. Wendy Henderson and Gia Mudd Martin who served as guest editors for the special issue and to the many additional ISONG members who submitted articles.  We are so grateful to BRN for this collaborative opportunity. 

Again, we are saluting ISONG members for helping to raise visibility of genetics and genomics nursing research through this special issue.

Congratulations to ISONG members Beth Pestka and Karen Zanni who contributed to the newly published  book " Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing, Second Edition." This book offers a wealth of information about the role of all types of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), including NPs, CNSs, CNMs, and CRNAs, in influencing the development and application of health care policy in a wide range of specialties. 

Focus is on developing policy that advocates for vulnerable populations and discusses how the incorporation of interprofessional education has changed, and will continue to alter, health policy in the United States and internationally. This "call to action" is designed for courses enrolling students from a variety of APRN trajectories and includes content on how and why APRNs can and should influence policy development.

Congratulations to ISONG member Ann Maradiegue on the newly published book, "Genetics and Genomics in Nursing Guidelines for Conducting a Risk Assessment"

Ann H. Maradiegue, PhD, MSN, FNP, FAANP, is a nurse practitioner/consultant. She has more than 43 years of experience as a registered nurse and 20 years of experience as a nurse practitioner. Dr. Maradiegue has extensive training in the area of  genetics/genomics.

The purpose of the book is to provide a quick and easy format to study the basic elements and steps required for risk assessment. The book is geared toward APRNs, particularly NPs and midwives who provide assessment, diagnosis, and management of care in clinical settings. 

This book is divided into 12 chapters, with a wide range of topics to assist APRNs in the risk assessment process. Each chapter includes a brief introduction to the topic, objectives, specific content related to the topic, online resources, and "Info Boxes" that are all integral to the chapter's focus.

Three chapters are presented that include the risk assessment process for special populations pertaining to preconception and prenatal care, newborn and pediatric care, and cancer, specifically assessing risks for breast and colon cancer. Challenges and limitations in the genomic risk assessment are addressed, particularly as they relate to history data and pedigree interpretation.

Click here for the complete announcement and a sample chapter.  

Congratulations to Alice Kerber and Nancy Ledbetter, along with many additional ISONG members who contributed chapters, edited, and proofread the 2nd edition of the Scope and Standards. We thank them all for their contributions and hard work on behalf of the entire Genetics Nursing profession!

Completely updated by genetics/genomics nurses for genetics/genomics nurses. The first best resource for the RN or APRN genetics/genomics nurse at any level and in any setting. Essential for all involved in this nursing practice specialty now and throughout this decade. 

Click here for the complete announcement.

Congratulations to our ISONG members Dennis Cheek and Dale Halsey Lea (Past-President), for their work on the published book, "Mastering Pharmacogenomics, A Nurse's Handbook for Success."   

Purchase the Book Mastering Pharmacogenomics from ISONG

There were chapter contributions for this book from other ISONG members including: Ellen Giarelli (Past-President), Lynette Howington, Erika Maria Monteiro Santos, Diane Seibert and John Twomey. 

Additional ISONG members contributed with a forward to the book and book reviews: Bernice Coleman, Yvette Conley, Jean Jenkins and Heather Skirton.

For more information on this book and the complete list of authors, please click here.   

Mastering Pharmacogenomics: A Nurse’s Handbook for Success 1st Edition

Pharmacogenomics, the study of the role of genetics in drug response, has developed into a critical new area in battling disease and improving outcomes. As our knowledge of the human genome grows, and with the advent of next-generation sequencing technologies, the role of genetic research is evolving to guide therapy and prevent many diseases and mitigate side-effects of current treatments. As a pivotal member of the healthcare team, nurses must acquire competency in pharmacogenomics to deliver optimal patient care in the 21st century. Mastering Pharmacogenomics provides nursing professionals with a foundational knowledge of humanacogenomics Book

Articles and Links 


ISONG member, Julia A. Eggert, PhD, GNP-BC, AGN-BC, AOCN®, FAAN and Jennifer T. Loud, DNP, CRNP, were guest editors for the May issue of Seminars in Oncology Nursing with the issue focus on cancer screening and early detection.  Several articles include genetic/genomic information and may be of interest to ISONG members. 

  • Cancer Screening and Early Detection in the 21st Century by Jennifer T. Loud,  DNP, CRNP and Jeanne Murphy, PhD, CNM 
  • Screening and Early Detection of Lung Cancer by Julia A. Eggert, PhD, GNP-BC, AGN-BC, AOCN®, FAAN, Mahsa Palavanzadeh, MD, and Amanda Blanton, BSN, RN 
  • Next Generation Sequencing and Multi-Gene Panel Testing: Implications for the Oncology Nurse by Patricia A. Kelly, CNP, RN, CNS, AGN-BC, AOCN 
  • Future Perspectives in Cancer Screening and Early Detection by Adam Coovadia, MS, MBA, MG(ASCP), CG(ASCP) and Julia A. Eggert, PhD, AGN-BC, AOCN, FAAN


For the broader nursing community who is thinking about how to teach genomics to nurses.
Elena Flowers, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director, School of Nursing Genomics Laboratory and Biorepository
Director, Genomics Minor 

Department of Physiological Nursing
& Institute for Human Genetics


Genomic Essentials for Graduate Level Nurses
Congratulations to the ISONG members who contributed as editors and authors: Sheila A. Alexander, Yvette P. Conley, Jennifer R. Dungan, Julia Eggert, Dale H. Lea, Ann H. Maradiegue, Sarah Race, Debra L. Schutte, Diane C. Seibert, Kathleen Sparbel, Susan T. Tinley, Martha Turner and Karen L. Zanni.

Designed as both a nursing reference and course text, this book presents genetics and genomic essentials specifically for graduate-level nurses. Preliminary chapters cover the basics of genetics, risk assessment and genetic testing. With chapter contributions by topic experts, the remainder of the book is organized by disease system and covers genetics and genomics in prenatal care, neurology, cancer, respiratory function, cardiology, pharmacogenomics, hematology and others. Key chapters on ethical and legal issues and future technology are also included. This volume is well-suited for nursing faculty, nursing students, nurse leaders, and other nursing professionals with a need for further information on genetics and genomics in a nursing role and across a variety of specialties. Click here for more information including the complete author listings.

Genetics and Genomics in Nursing and Health Care
By ISONG members Terry Beery, PhD, RN, ACNP and M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN published by F. A. Davis. Perfect for both stand-alone courses or integrated into courses across the curriculum.

Genetics and Genomics in Oncology Nursing Practice
This latest volume from Kathleen Calzone, Agnes Masny, and Jean Jenkins broadens the topic of genetics from a discussion of risk assessment to encompass such issues as cancer biology, clinical applications of genetic study, and the scope of oncology nursing practice.

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