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Isong committees  

The standing committees of ISONG play a vital role in the direction, leadership, and success of our association.  Committee involvement is also a wonderful opportunity for ISONG colleagues to share their expertise as well as engage with other members.  We hope you will contact the chairperson(s) of a committee to see how you can give your time and talent to ISONG while promoting our association's values and ideals.

Awards, Bylaws, and Nominations Committees

    The Awards Committee solicits and reviews nominations from the membership for the Founders' Awards prior to each annual meeting.  The committee will select the award recipients by consensus.  Recipients will receive the awards at the annual meeting. 
    The By-laws Committee considers and recommends any changes or amendments in either the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws. 
    The primary role of the Nominating Committee is to encourage ISONG members to run for leadership positions. Networking with ISONG friends and colleagues who could be a strong candidate is a key responsibility. 

      Chair (Past-President): 
      Dennis J. Cheek

    Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee disseminates information to the membership on all aspects of the organization and other relevant issues by:

    • Providing information to Society members using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media as appropriate
    • Presenting world perspective news or insights on issues for nurses in genetics worldwide
    • Encouraging the Board and other committees to share information pertinent to ISONG membership


    Stacy Hines-Dowell

    Carolyn Allen

    Congress Committee

    The Congress Committee provides the Society with an annual education program at the ISONG Congress.  This includes obtaining financing and continuing education credits for the Program.  The chairperson serves a two-year term commencing two years prior to the annual program.

      Theresa Koleck

      Mandy Schmella


    McKenzie Wallace

    Development Committee

    The Development Committee facilitates outreach to community organizations, educational institutions, associations and businesses to support ISONG's mission.  This includes building relationships with schools of nursing, collaborating with agencies to foster new initiatives, and promoting sponsorship of professional and public education related to genetics and genomics.

    Theresa Wadas

      Susan Appel

    Education Committee

    The Education Committee promotes the education goals of the Society by advocating for and supporting genetic/genomic education of all professional nurses.  This is done by assembling and maintaining education resources and making them available to ISONG members and others.

      Mary Hanson-Zalot

    Ruth Lucas

    Ethics and Public Policy Committee

    The Ethics & Public Policy Committee is dedicated to the evaluation of scientific and political changes as they relate to genomics and public health. The committee serves to identify needed dialogue on perspectives to serve nursing professionals and the public.   The Committee does not provide verbal or written opinions on political or scientific issues without the approval of the Board of Directors.

      Lisa Blair

      Margaret Hornung

    Leslie Darmofal

    Global Membership Committee

    The Global Membership Committee proposes and addresses plans for recruitment of new members, as well as retention and engagement of existing members.  It identifies, recommends, and implements activities to increase membership by: 

    • Publicizing the organization to attract new members
    • Facilitating potential members in joining the Society
    • Publicizing the achievements of members
    • Maximizing retention of members

      Monica Wagner

    Bobbi Laing

    Professional Practice Committee

    The Professional Practice Committee addresses issues related to clinical genetics/genomics nursing practice that are relevant to ISONG membership by:

    • Creating and updating information describing genetics/genomics nursing practice (such as the What is a genetics nurse? Brochure) posted on the ISONG website
    • Participating in the development, interpretation, evaluation, and dissemination of Genetics and Genomics Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice
    • Supporting and helping to facilitate special interest groups within ISONG
    • Collaborating with the ISONG President, Board, and other ISONG committees in defining genetics and genomics nursing practice 

    Andrea Hartgraves

    Tina Mladenka 

    Research Committee

    The Research Committee fosters research activities in nursing, genetics, and related areas to enhance professional and personal development of members by:

    • Raising awareness of the role of research within ISONG's core business
    • Alerting members to research opportunities (funding, collaboration among members)
    • Administering the ISONG annual grant award(s) through an equitable and efficient process. 
    • Disseminating news of research to key stakeholders (members, patients, other professionals)

      Maura McCall


    Tara Albrecht

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