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Position Statements

A Position Statement reflects the vision, mission, and goals of ISONG on issues of global concern regarding genetics/genomics. The purpose of a position statement is to provide a brief background on the issue, identify concerns, and state ISONG’s position. The statement will offer direction for nursing research, education and/or practice. 

The Ethics and Public Policy Committee is proud to announce a new Policy and Procedure for Writing Position Statements and Issue Papers.  Please log in to view:

Policy and Procedure for Writing Position Statements 

These ISONG Position Statements have been approved by the ISONG Board of Directors as clear and thoughtful statements on important genomic healthcare issues. Thanks to all ISONG members who contributed to this excellent work.

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic/Genomic Testing (DTC-GT) (Updated September 2022)

Genetic Counseling for Vulnerable Populations: The Role of Nursing (Updated November 2021)

Access to Genomic Healthcare: The Role of the Nurse (Updated November 2021)

Provision of Quality Genetic Services and Care: Building a Multidisciplinary Collaborative Approach among Nurses, Genetic Counselors, and Other Health Professionals (Updated June 2021)

Newborn Screening: The Role of the Nurse (Updated November 2020)

Privacy and Confidentiality of Genetic Information: The Role of the Nurse  (Updated May 2018)

Informed Decision-making and Consent Related to Genetic Testing (Clinical and Research): the Role of Nursing (Updated December 2018)

Genetic Biobanking for Research (February 2013)

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