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Public Policy Information

ISONG Issue Paper on Workplace Wellness

The Ethics and Public Policy (EPP) Committee presents an issue paper on Health Contingent Workplace Wellness Programs to stimulate dialogue about the disclosure of genetic information in some employee wellness programs. It is the intent of the EPP Committee to inform decision making, whether the disclosure of family history and personal or family members' genetic information is necessary for participation in the wellness program, or whether voluntarily obtained information given to employee wellness programs could be used in a discriminatory manner with adverse effects on health benefits and employment.  

Thank you to the contributors  Drs. Susan B. Dickey, Mary Beth Steck & Leslie Darmofal. Thank you to the EPP Committee for comments, Dr. Cathy Read for facilitating, and to the ISONG Board of Directors for review and suggestions. 

ISONG Issue Paper on Workplace Wellness (August 2020)


ISONG White Paper on GINA

The Ethics and Public Policy (EPP) Committee presents a White Paper on GINA that includes a discussion concerning the discordance between provisions in the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act regarding Employee Sponsored Wellness Programs. This information is relevant for healthcare professionals practicing in the US.

Thank you to the contributors Mary Beth Steck and Susan B. Dickey. Also, thank you to Marie Twal for facilitating and to the Board of Directors for their review and suggestions.

ISONG White Paper on GINA (PDF Updated May 2018)


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