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call for nominations are open 

ISONG is currently looking to its membership to fill posts on the Board of Directors. This is an excellent opportunity to serve your professional organization in a significant way.  If you are not self-nominating, perhaps you can recommend a colleague who is qualified to take a leadership position in ISONG. 

All candidates must be current, dues-paying “Full” members of ISONG, except for the Student Representative, who must be a dues-paying “Student” member.

President-elect:  Demonstrated active involvement in an ISONG board or committee leadership capacity and show evidence of successful ISONG project promotion.   Candidates must be willing to serve in this leadership position for three years.  As the leader of the organization, candidates will be evaluated on their previous ISONG leadership and service positions held, and their genomics experiences encompassing education, research, and clinical practice.  This is a three year commitment. The first year consists of service as President-elect, the second year as President and the third year as President-Emeritus. 

Treasurer: Demonstrated active involvement in various ISONG committees, activities and projects.  Candidates must be able to effectively oversee the financial records of the organization in close collaboration with the management company/accountant.   Treasurer must review monthly financial reports, approve invoices, provide monthly reports to the Board and collaborate on budget preparation.  Candidate must attest that all financial activity, and execution thereof, have been duly authorized according to the ISONG bylaws.  The Treasurer position is a two-year term.

Member-at-Large:  Demonstrated active involvement in various ISONG committees, activities and projects.  Candidates should be able to articulate their willingness and ability to serve as the link between the general ISONG membership, the Board of Directors and various ISONG committees.  Candidates in this position should expect to work on member-wide projects such as the annual needs assessment, serve as the board liaison to the Membership Committee, provide written articles initiating membership discussion and opinions for the newsletter and e-updates, and maintain a Members-Only section on the website among other assigned duties by the Board.  This position is a two-year term.

Student Member Representative:  Candidates should be able to articulate their willingness and ability to serve as a link between the general ISONG membership, the Board of Directors, and various ISONG committees with a focus on the student perspective. They should expect to work on member-wide projects including promoting student membership and engagement with ISONG through the membership committee, contribute to the e-update, and other activities as assigned by the Board of Directors. The Student Member Representative is expected to attend all Board meetings (monthly conference call and annual on-site at congress). This position is a one-year term.

Board members are expected to be active participants on monthly conference calls, attend one in-person Board meeting and ISONG Business Meeting held at the Annual Congress, and serve as a board liaison to one or more ISONG committees.  Please understand that, although the ISONG Board consists of voluntary members, it is a ‘working’ board and dedicated time and active project participation are required.

The committee will evaluate nominees based on their involvement in, and service to ISONG, leadership roles within ISONG, background information in relation to their interest/involvement in genetics education, research and practice, and the reasons they are interested in serving on the ISONG Board.

Please refer to the ISONG Bylaws at for actual board position descriptions.  If you have any questions please contact Beth Pestka at chair of the Nominating Committee. 

Scan the nomination form to: or fax all documents to ++1 412-344-0599.  The Nomination Deadline is May 25, 2018. 

  PAST PRESIDENT/Nominations Chair 
  Elizabeth L. Pestka, MS, PMHCNS-BC, AGN-BC

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