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Research Grant Program

The ISONG Research Committee is now accepting proposals for the 2014-2015 ISONG Research Award

ISONG Annual Nursing Research Grant 2014-2015

The purpose of the annual ISONG Nursing Research Grant awards is to support research related to the mission of ISONG, specifically, to promote genetic/genomic nursing practice and for the development of genetic/genomic nursing science.  Grant funding may be used as "seed" money for conducting a pilot study, or, for support of an ongoing research investigation that will contribute to the science or practice of genetic/genomic nursing.  Awarding of grant funding is competitive and will be determined through peer review of proposals by members of the ISONG Research Committee.

Eligibility:  At ISONG scientific merit of grant applications is the primary criteria for funding decisions.

To apply for a grant an applicant must be a member of ISONG in good standing.

Applicants with large foundation or government funding will not be considered for ISONG funding opportunities.

Available Funding:

We are delighted that there are five sponsored $2500.00 grants to be awarded this year.  Sponsors for 2014-15 are:

The University of Iowa College of Nursing

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

University of Maryland School of Nursing

University of New Mexico College of Nursing

University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing


Submitted proposals will be selected for funding based upon successful peer review of the application by the ISONG Research Committee.

This year, because there are multiple awards, at least one will be designated for an early career researcher (PhD student, Postdoctoral fellow or PhD no more than 3 years beyond earning PhD) and the others will be awarded to an ISONG member at any stage of his or her career, based upon scientific merit determined by peer review.  

ISONG's Research Committee will be responsible for selection and will submit the names of the award recipients to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Application Deadlines

Due Dates for the application process:

1. A letter of intent must be sent via email to Sue Wesmiller at no later than Friday July 18, 2014 (midnight EDT). The letter should include:

  • The title of your proposed research
  • A brief description (one paragraph maximum) of the research
  • These letters allow for recruitment of appropriate reviewers for the grant submissions.

2. The full grant proposal and application materials must be sent via email to Sue Wesmiller at no later than Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 (midnight EDT). Only electronic submissions of the proposals will be accepted. The abstract, proposal narrative, reference section, and appendices must be sent as attachments in MS Word or PDF format. The cover page and budget forms must be sent in the format provided, download below. The attachment must be titled ISONG, year of application, and applicant's last name (Example: ISONG_2014_Wesmiller).

Please Note: The absence of a letter of intent, an incomplete application, failure to submit a letter of intent and/or application via email, late submission of a letter of intent and/or application, as well as failure to follow application procedures and formatting guidelines will disqualify the applicant. These submissions will not be considered by the ISONG Research Committee.

If you have questions after reviewing the information provided, please direct these to Sue Wesmiller at or 412-383-7270.


Application Instructions

Proposal Cover Sheet

Budget and Justification Form


ISONG Research Initiative

Fostering scientific research in genetics is an important part of ISONG's mission. In 2014, ISONG embarked on a Nursing Research Directed Donations Campaign. ISONG, as an organization, will fund a research grant with the support of the members. This Research Grant will be awarded in 2015.

The team at ISONG headquarters will be seeking funds from various places: membership, universities, corporate sponsors, genetics professionals, and altruistic donors comprised of local organizations, foundations, and the general public who are interested in supporting genetics research by ISONG nurses and investing in their work.

You are encouraged to donate what you can to keep this important initiative going. Donations start at $10. If 100 people donate $10, ISONG can provide $1000 in funding to promote one or more members' research initiatives. Members can donate along with renewing their membership online. Others can donate through or through a directed donation campaign brochure that is being developed.

These contributions are a significant support for this research initiative. Thank you to all of the ISONG Members for their donations.

List of Donors to the ISONG Research Initiative

Mostapha Ahmad Marguerite Goulet Anne L. Matthews Kathleen Vandiver
Jan R. Atwood Pamala Grottanelli Lindsay Middelton Lori Vick
Cheryl Brubaker Rebekah Hamilton Jamesetta A. Newland Marsha Weiner
Ann Cashion Gail Hammer Michelle Paige-Hilley Susan Wesmiller
Bashira Charles Kathleen Hickey Christina Pettey Lynette Wright
Tammy Cupit Deborah Himes Nancy Precour Kate Young
Maria M. De Elejalde Lori Houghton-Rahrig Jody Ralph  
Margot De Sevo Delwin Jacoby Barbara Raudonis Anonymous
Nancy Downing Rosemarie Jaekel Dru Riddle  
Jennifer Dungan Patricia A. Kelly Heidi Salisbury  
Andrew Dwyer Marlena Kern Debra L. Schutte  
Ann M. Dylis Maggie Kirk Sarah Sheets Cook  
Susan Flavin Patricia Lange-Otsuka Heather Skirton  
Lynley Fow Cheryl Lee Lois Tully  
Catherine Furlani William Matcham Reba Umberger  

Previous Grantholders

Three 2013-2014 ISONG Research Awards were awarded. Thank you to Duke University School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing for their generous support of these awards.

University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing/ISONG Research Award awarded to:

Paule Joseph, BSN, MSN, CRNP, CRRN, CTN-B

  for her research grant proposal entitled

“Genetic Sensitivity to Sweet Taste and Anthropometric Measures of Obesity”

Duke University School of Nursing/ISONG Research Award awarded to:

Linda D. Ward, PhD, ARNP

  for her research grant proposal entitled

 “Assessment of Genomic Literacy among Baccalaureate Nursing Students in the United States” 

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing/ISONG Research Award awarded to:

Kelley Baumgartel, BSN, PhD(c)

  for her research grant proposal entitled

Breastmilk is not a uniform substance: Epigenetic mechanisms”

ISONG would like to acknowledge the Schools of Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins University, and Duke University for providing these grants and express appreciation for their research support.