International Society of Nurses in Genetics

Position Statements

The ISONG Position Statements have been approved by the ISONG Board of Directors as clear and thoughtful statements on important genomic healthcare issues. Thanks to all ISONG members who contributed to this excellent work.

Genetic Biobanking for Research (PDF)

Newborn Screening: The Role of the Nurse (PDF)

Informed Decision-Making: The Role of Nursing  (PDF)

Access to Genomic Healthcare: The Role of the Nurse  (PDF)

Privacy and Confidentiality of Genetic Information: The Role of the Nurse  (PDF)

Genetic Counseling for Vulnerable Populations: The Role of the Nurse  (PDF)

ISONG Direct-to-Consumer Marketing of Genetic Tests (PDF)

Provision of Quality Genetic Services and Care: Building a Multidisciplinary, Collaborative Approach among Genetic Nurses and Genetic Counselors  (PDF)